Thursday, May 19, 2011

daily affirmations & announcement

Hi all!

My (real-life and blog-life) friend Jill had a really good idea on her blog today. At the bottom of her entry, she posted a list of affirmations about herself. I loved it! No one really likes to sound like their tooting their own horn, but sometimes you just have to in order to get out of a funk, a negative attitude or a pattern of self-destruction.

So, I'm going to post a few of mine. You don't even have to read them...but I definitely will. Heck, I might even print it out and put it somewhere where I can view it from time to time. It will do wonders for my outlook when I get down about something.

And, I'm going to encourage all of you to do the same. If you blog about it, comment a link so I can see it. If you just write it/type it out on your own, let me know. Let's spread this idea of personal affirmation like it's RUFUS.

I am a...
great singer! amazing banana pudding maker! funny jokester! good cook! great road trip-er! super-shoe-picker-outer! lover of colors! good dog mom! exceptional planner! cool outfit creator! great advice giver! frugal shopper! good photographer! thorough cleaner! talented nail polisher! good makeup do-er! funny dog voice impersonator! creative crafter!

OH, and be sure to tune in tomorrow for a super-cool announcement about something REALLY awesome that's happening next week!


  1. I am a . . . Legendary Chocolate Chip Cookie Baker! Great Mommy! Loving Wife! Talented Cook! Avid Reader! Classic Movie Lover! Gifted Planner! Good Housekeeper! Excellent Teacher!

    This is fun!

  2. I like your list a lot! You have a lot of talents, Miz Geiger.
    My favorites from your list are: through cleaner, cool outfit creator and great advice giver (you really are).
    You don't even have anything about blogging or graphic design but you are really good at both of those too.

  3. I realize now I misspelled thorough up there. I also forgot to say I like your great road trip-er one.

  4. Even since 6th grade I have been jealous of your amazing nail polishing skillz. (I like to spell it with a 'z'.)

    Also, I really think you love color more than anyone else I know.


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