Tuesday, May 10, 2011

top 5 tuesday: foods I dislike

For as much as I seem to love food, there is quite a lot of it that I dislike. Granted that my mind is slowly being changed about many foods as I try them, but there are at least 5 foods that I've tried and hated.
(it should also be noted that I am quite a picky eater, so I dislike some things that many people like)

So, for today's Top 5 Tuesday post, I'm listing my 5 least favorite foods in random order...

1. Coleslaw. Whether you call it coleslaw or just slaw, I call it disgustingly gross.

2. Lettuce. I've never liked it. It's slimy, wet and gross. Interestingly enough, it is also for those same reasons that I dislike frogs...but that's a different post.

3. Seafood. Everything I've ever tried is way gross. Also, seafood on my plate looks exactly like seafood that's alive and swimming and that creeps me out.

4. Nuts. In general, I do not enjoy a nut. Mostly, they taste like what I think the wall would taste like. I'll eat a nut product...like peanut butter, but not the actual peanut.

5. Onion Rings. I don't have anything against raw onions, nor do I have anything against deep fried vegetables (because I LURVE fried okra) but a deep fried onion is really just nasty.

There. It's out. I've said it. Feel free to ridicule and mock. :)
OR, tell me what you're least favorite foods are!


  1. I agree with you on Coleslaw and Seafood. They are just not for me.

  2. but it is delicious, soory for you

  3. Yep - coleslaw is disgustingo.

    My least favs:
    -raw onions
    -beer (do drinks count?)
    -anything by chefboyardee

  4. Fish and nuts are on my top list of grodie foods.

    -Cilantro (#1 least favorite)
    - Bake-at home pizzas
    - Hamburger helper

    And yes Amie, beer is totally disgusting.


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