Thursday, May 12, 2011

fashion friday: swimsuit figure fixers

So, maybe where you live it's just now getting around to being springtime. Where I live, we're averaging temps in the 80s and it's just going to be getting hotter as the month rolls on.
Anywho, even if it's still frosty where you live, summertime is coming up soon enough. And y'all know what that means...SWIMSUIT SEASON! [insert terror sound effect and a lady's scream]

Okay, okay so it's not THAT bad. But, let's just say that the thought of wearing a swimsuit does strike a chord of fear in many women. While I can't promise to make you instantly love the way you look in one, I can offer a few tips for finding the best suit for your body type. If you're flaunting your assets and hiding then that goes a long way into feeling more comfortable wearing a swimsuit, right? Right.

Two helpful tips are to 1) flaunt the smallest and best part of your body and 2) remember that light colors draw attention to and maximize while dark colors minimize and don't draw attention.

Pear: If you've got dumps like a truck, baby birthin' hips or plain ol' junk in the trunk with not much of anything up top, look for something like this...

Apple: If you've got skinny arms & legs but a wider middle portion, you want to look for anything that cinches in at the waist or has ruching at the tummy portion to skim over the belly. Pair with bright bottoms or a sarong. Maybe like this...

Inverted-Triangle: You have a large bust and smaller hips. You want to de-emphasize the chest...this means no spaghetti strapped tops, ladies! Wear bright colored bottoms to emphasize your bum! Maybe something like this...

And finally, a few good tips to live by:

Well, that's my humble swimsuit advice. Hopefully it will be of some help when you start scanning the racks of your local clothing store for your next victim..I mean bathing suit. :)

All swimsuits from Old Navy.


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