Tuesday, May 24, 2011

top 5 tuesday: beachwear trends

[Today's Beach Week post is also a Top 5 Tuesday post. Well, it's actually only 3 things, but Top 3 Tuesday doesn't roll off the tongue quite as well as Top 5 Tuesday. HA!]

I'd call myself a genuine trend-watcher. I don't necessarily partake in every latest fad, but I do enjoy observing them...however crazy they may be. (remember the Bindi trend that Gwen Stefani made famous?)

Anywho, in honor of Beach Week, I'm going to post the top 3 summer beachwear trends. Some of these can even apply to the guys as well! Although, I probably wouldn't recommend persuading your man to try #3...unless maybe you were in Rio or San Fran or something. Hee hee. ;)

1. STRIPES! Oh, I do love stripes so much. The fact that it's totally a trend this year is rocking my world! I'm seeing everything from horizontal nautical-inspired stripes, to diagonal and chevron style ones. Sigh...

2. Pink! I know I've commented on the pink trend coming back around recently, but it's even more apparent in swimwear this year. Pink is even in vogue for the gentlemen, y'all. Every shade is game this year from cotton candy to watermelon!

3. Ruffles! (No, not the chips, but dang, now I'm hungry!) While this trend isn't quite gender-neutral, it's still way cute and demure.

Which of these trends interest you? I'm loving the stripes trend (of course) but I could totally rock a cute ruffled tankini top. 


  1. I'm not a fan of beachwear in general. I'm busty, so a supportive swimsuit is very expensive. However, I have been noticing and loving these same trends in regular clothing. I recently bought a nautical striped tee, a peachy pink tank, and a tank with ruffles at the shoulder - all on clearance sale of course (I rarely pay full price for clothes). I've also noticed a lot of crocheted lace lately. Has that shown up in beachwear yet?

  2. I love the pink trend! It will always be a trend in my book, but I also love the ruffles! So cute.

  3. Selah,
    Crochet is pretty big this season too, although I've only really seen it in natural or nude colors like white, cream, beige and gray. I haven't seen any colors yet.

    As for me wearing it...I have horrifying memories of 7th grade macrame projects going wrong...so I think I'll abstain. :)


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