Saturday, August 20, 2011

pet love: linky party

It took me a long, long time to find Hewitt. I'd been looking for the right dog for YEARS and on February 1st, 2007, this precious boy found his forever home with me. Hewitt is a very special dog. I mean, what dog isn't special? But, he really is. You see, when I got Hewitt he was recovering from being hit by a car. The little man had been hit on a hot August afternoon in Florence, South Carolina and left there by whoever hit him. A good samaritan alerted a local animal rescue shelter called Home Away From Home Rescue and the shelter's owner, Kathy, came and scooped Hewitt up and rushed him to the emergency vet.

After some fluids and pain meds the vet was able to look around and see the damage. Hewitt had severe head trauma (resulting in loss of consciousness), a broken femur and a broken pelvis. Because of the severity of Hewitt's injuries, the vet didn't think that he'd make it through the night.

Hewitt was a trooper though. Kathy stayed with him and talked to him that night and the next morning he had regained consciousness. Hewitt was touch-and-go for a few days and underwent multiple surgeries to repair his broken leg and to rebuild his pelvis. In the meantime, Kathy contacted Hewitt's owners to explain to them about the accident and they decided that they didn't want to assume responsibility for him and wanted to euthanize. They had a pack of dogs (that included Hewitt) that they allowed to roam and didn't want to deal with his cost and recuperation. Kathy persuaded them to sign him over to her and she assumed responsibility for his care. I should probably mention here that every cent of the cost of his surgeries, medication and treatment was donated by the animal hospital. They didn't charge Kathy at HAFH Rescue anything for his surgery and care. Kathy knew this little boy would make someone a great pet someday.

I found out about Hewitt from I'd been perusing this website already for months looking for the right dog. I have allergies and knew that I needed a dog that wouldn't shed. There are certain breeds that have hair instead of fur and they don't shed. They still produce dander, but that didn't bother my allergies as much. I also wanted a smaller dog because I lived in a townhouse. Lastly, I wanted a dog that was compatible to my lifestyle. When I contacted Kathy about Hewitt she said that he'd have to go to a special home that could be attentive to his physical needs/problems and also help work on his emotional/behavioral issues. You see, Hewitt had roamed with a pack of dogs most of his life and had little human socialization. He growled a lot and wasn't very trusting of people. Because I worked at a veterinary hospital (at the time), she allowed me to come and see Hewitt for the initial "meet and greet".

So, one chilly Saturday my friend and I set off on the 3 hour drive to Florence, SC. On the way there, I bought a collar/leash and dog kennel because I just KNEW that I wouldn't be leaving Florence without Hewitt.

The rest is pretty predictable. I got to the shelter and met Hewitt. From the moment she brought him out I knew he'd be mine. In the 4 years I've had him I've learned a lot about trust,  a lot about being a good companion and a lot about savoring the simple joys of life. To some, Hewitt is a weird little dog with strange habits and issues, but to me he's my perfect dog match. I can't imagine having a different dog. Currently, he's laying on the couch next to me with his little body curled up next to my leg. When I say his name he looks at me briefly, stands up and turns around a few times and then settles back down beside me. He sighs a deep sigh of contentment and falls asleep.

He's a good boy.

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  1. Your dog is too cute! I loved reading about how he came in to your life.

  2. He is super cute. And super lucky to found such a wonderful forever home!


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