Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bucket List

There's something about writing stuff down that really keeps you accountable. A long time ago some friends and I all got together and we wrote down our "Life Lists". This is stuff that we wanted to do, see, accomplish or learn in our lifetime.

The term "Bucket List" has been coined more recently after the movie came out about 2 men and their wish list of things to do before they "kicked the bucket".

Though I've written my Bucket List down before, I've never published it for others to see. I have two purposes in doing this; to hold myself accountable and share with you as I complete items on my list and to get advice/insight into items on my list from readers who may know about it or have done it before.

DISCLAIMER: if you choose to read my Bucket List, know that some things might seem small/trivial and others are huge and complicated. It's an assortment of items and very me.

So without further adieu...

1. Learn to do a cartwheel.
2. See the Mississippi River.
3. Eat at a diner.
4. Learn to play the guitar.
5. Get married.
6. Ride in a hot-air balloon.
7. Get a tattoo.
8. Go to a state fair.
9. Go on a cruise.
10. Visit Washington D.C.
11. Become fluent in Spanish.
12. Be a redhead. (temporarily)
13. Write a childrens book.
14. Publish something.
15. Have a flower garden.
16. Sew a dress.
17. Live on a large body of water.
18. Design my own pair of shoes.
19. Meet Paula Deen.
20. Visit Bora Bora/Tahiti.
21. Visit San Diego.
22. Ride on a train. (the choo choo kind, not a subway)
23. Go kayaking.
24. Have a blog.
25. Bake a loaf of bread.

What about y'all? Care to share anything that's on your Bucket List? If you have a blog, you could post your own Bucket List and link back to me so I can read it! Let's keep each other accountable and share in our goals achieved.


  1. I think I can help you with some of those...

  2. BOB COMMENTED! : ) Awesome.

    Also, "the choo choo kind" made me laugh.

    I will take you kayaking SOON!

    Also, I thought you always wanted to go to Italy??

    I will take you to a diner too! There is one near uptown (all chrome) called the Midnight Diner.

    Great list! I've been wanting to rewrite/update mine lately too!

  3. Yay for the B commenting!!

    Amie, you should update your list and put it on your blog?? I've seen the Midnight Diner but I wasn't sure if it was any good or not. Italy...well, I would like to go someday but I didn't think it pertinent enough to make my list. :)

  4. I've done #s 3, 5, 10, 12, 22 (assuming Tweetsie counts), and 25 on your list. Regarding #25, I bake bread in a bread machine all the time but I have done it the old fashioned way before. It's fun!


    :D I loved reading yours!

  6. Yay! Glad you did yours, Kate!

  7. I did something similar to this. It's called "101 in 1001". You list 101 goals and you try to complete them in 1,001 days. It's kind of like a super-sized bucket list! Loved reading your list! Here's mine since you asked :)

  8. Lil Desiqua,

    That's awesome! There are some GREAT items on your great that I may want to steal a few. :)

    Good luck!!


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