Monday, August 29, 2011

guest post: diy no-sew fabric baby mobile

[Happy Monday, y'all! I have a special guest post today from my good (real-life) friend, Meghan. She made the CUTEST fabric mobile for her sweet baby Charlotte. Oh, and did I mention she's hilarious and ridiculously good looking? Read on, and you can check out her new blog here.]

Hi! I am Meghan and I am not normally a crafty girl, but this week a pretty little craft kind of snuck up on me in stages. I shared part of it with my super stylish friend, April, and she asked me to show you how a hopeless geek, like myself, could come up with such a thing of beauty. She didn't say it exactly like that, but we've been friends a long time and I understood her heart.
So here, it goes! (Warning: This craft gets super ghetto fabulous as I scrounged about the house for things to use that I already had instead of taking 2 kids under 2 to the craft store.)
First I made roses out of the fabric scraps from the bedding my girl friend made for my daughter. To do that I cut fabric into an irregular circle and the cut that circle into an irregular spiral. then, starting at the outer edge, I pinched the bottom of the fabric and wound the spiral around and around until I had a rose.

 [April's note: You can use the tutorial HERE if you want to see the rosette making process in detail.] I glued the bottom piece to the base with my glue gun and it was done! I did that to 15 pieces of fabric.
Next I took 2 sturdy paper plates (told you it was ghetto fabulous), cut the inner circle out and glued the rims together. I then wrapped fabric all around the plates until they were completely covered and glued the fabric in place.

 I glued the roses around the top of the circle.

Then I attached 4 ribbons around the circle and added another rose to the top where they all met.
Next, I cut 3 small birds and 3 large birds out of fabric (on both sides, so actually 6 birds of each size) and 15 leaves. I attached the birds and leaves to 6 hanging pieces of ribbon with (how else?) my glue gun and - voila! It was my best shot at being Martha Stewart. (She probably just a puked in her mouth somewhere and has no idea why.)

 The birds weren't very firm, so I cut their form out of the sturdy paper plates (super sturdy, compostable kind) and glued that in between the 2 pieces of fabric.

I like the way it turned out but if you can sew- please do! I think it would be even more spectacular with thread! :)


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