Wednesday, August 24, 2011

swamp people

Y'all, I must confess how much I love the tv show Swamp People on the History Channel. I seriously love watching it. Also, is it normal that I don't need to read the subtitles that they put on the show? I can understand them just fi-ine. Troy (Choot 'em) reminds me a lot of my dad and Junior reminds me of my Uncle Lloyd.

So I got to thinking if I had the chance to go out on the boat 'gator hunting with these people, what would I wear? Well, probably something like this:

swamp people

Now, let me just be honest for a minute. I probably wouldn't ACTUALLY go alligator hunting. I'm not sure I'd ever go hunting for anything... except maybe 70% off shoes. But, I wouldn't mind going on a Bayou Boat trip someday. Maybe this outfit will work for that too. I think I'd blend in pretty well, don't you?

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  1. Ha Ha...this made me laugh so hard. A brave confession pretty lady!


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