Tuesday, August 30, 2011

top 5 tuesday: apartment must haves

Top of the morning to ya! It's a beeeeyoutiful day here in the Carolinas. Hopefully, those of you who have had damage/problems associated with Hurricane Irene are on the road towards recovery.

As I get closer and closer towards my moving date, and as I get more serious about finding a place to live, I find myself coming up with a list of my apartment/house MUST-HAVES. These are the things that I most definitely will not compromise on when it comes to finding a place to live. I will be renting an apartment/townhome/house for the time being, so I know that I can't be too picky, however, a girl's gotta have some standards, you know...

Here are my top 5 apartment must-haves for today's Top 5 Tuesday post:

1. Air Conditioning. I don't think I would be shown places that wouldn't have air conditioning because, I mean, it's the beach...in the South, but still.

2. No Cats. If I end up going into a roommate living situation, I cannot live with someone who has a cat. I am highly allergic to cats and can't usually be in someone's house for long if they have them...let alone live with one.

3. Bathroom for One. I admit it that this one is somewhat of a luxury, but I'm a 26 year old grown up and I just do NOT want to share a bathroom with another person unless it was my husband. Is that so wrong? No, I don't want to share a bathroom with another adult even if they are as OCD about cleaning as I am. I just can't. I'm sorry.

4. Location. I'm not super picky on the location because my savvy street smarts will allow me to exist anywhere, (!!!) but I would like to be less than 30 minutes away from my new job. Luckily, Wilmington is pretty small so most places fall within this distance.

5. Amenities. And by "amenities", I mean Target. I need to be within 20 minutes from a Target and on this I will not compromise.

What are some of your must-haves in your living situation?


  1. I recently made a big move-- and all of the above were on my list as well. Best of lucky and happy apartment hunting :-).

  2. i always say i need to be within 20 minutes of a target, too! when i was thinking i might be moving to dc, i was literally mapping my apartment choices based on that. it's just good sense.


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