Tuesday, August 9, 2011

top 5 tuesday: why didn't I think of that?!?!

Every so often I run across a project, craft or idea and I give myself a mental head slap. Why didn't I think of that?!?! Especially if the idea is fixing a problem that I run into often.

Today's Top 5 Tuesday is looking at some of my favorite ideas that made me say, "Why didn't I think of that?"...
1.  Batter squeeze bottle.
So, I make pancakes...a lot. This idea is revolutionizing. No more drippy drips down the side of the bowl as I pour. No more spills or accidentally using too much batter. Just perfect.

2. Candle ideas.
Who doesn't love candles? But after a while the generic little candleholder gets reeeaalll boring. Look at these!

 3. S'more Peeps.
While I dislike eating Peeps, I do enjoy the occasional Peep Massacre. However, this idea is ingeniously resourceful AND delicious. Because, EVERYONE has leftover Peeps, right?

4. Spray painted soda bottles.
Who knew that a little spray paint could make ordinary soda bottles look so shabby chic??

5. Drawer Pull Hooks.
I've actually done this before. An old drawer front (with the knobs still attached) or a piece of old plywood with new, pretty drawer pulls attached makes a GREAT hook board for purses, scarves and jewelry.

Now, be inspired to make use of what you have or fix a problem that you encounter.


  1. I love these!! we think alike missy! I did a similar post because I had the same mental note...its insane these things dont come to people more naturally :) i guess were always over-thinking things!

    check out some of the ideas i spotted as well -

  2. HAHA, yes we DO think alike! Those are awesome. I keep finding more pictures of stuff that I should have thought up a long time ago. HA!

    I might do another post in the future. Who knows, maybe it will spur on some great ideas!

  3. I love the purse holder. Meghan has a beautiful one from Marshalls. I should ask my daddy to make me one someday.


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