Tuesday, August 16, 2011

top 5 tuesday: target finds

Okay, 1) I'm obsessed with Target. The B (jokingly...or not jokingly) suggested that I get a part-time job there in order to help defray some of my...um...shopping trips. 2) I'm obsessed with fall. I love it when cooler weather comes around. I'm so not a summer girl.

Both of these factors caused me to literally SWOON when I saw the Target ad in the paper on Sunday. I really, really, really had to keep myself from going on Sunday and I decided that I'd wait until today to go and shop. :) Because, y'all know that waiting a day or two REALLY makes a difference.

So, for today's Top 5 Tuesday, it's the top 5 CUTEST things that I saw in the Target ad and will be investigating today.

1) 32" Big Dish chair. It's a nice and modern take on those dreaded rattan papazan chairs. And they fold up!!! Love it!

2) Rainbow colored Sharpies. Hey, don't hate on the Sharpies...they are world renowned for their...sharpiness.

3) V-neck, cinched layering cardigan. Oh snap. (enough said)

4) Shirtdress!! Can I blog enough about shirt dresses? Maybe (hopefully) this will be a lot like my most favorite Target shirtdress. I can't wait to rock one of these and some cute patterned tights.

5) More cardigans. A girl can never have too many, right? And since I just purged my closet and gave a bunch away...

So, this post may or may not make you want to go straight to your nearest Red Dot Boutique. But I hope it does. :)

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  1. I heart Target! Those dresses and cardigans are great picks too! Confession: I bought those colorful permanent markers to draw temporary tattoos for costumes. So much fun!


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