Thursday, April 26, 2012

confessional friday

It's Friday.


I'm linking up with the lovely Mrs. Leslie over at A Blonde Ambition for today's Confessional Friday post.

1. I came to the realization this week that I don't know how to actually cook rice. Yeah, I'm sure I could buy the easy-to-cook kind, but, yeah. [Hangs head in shame.]

2. I had REAL ice cream after eating frozen yogurt for the last little while. Heh. BIG difference. Oh, and some homemade hot fudge. It was seriously The Schizz.

3. I'm taking my little furchild to the groomer tomorrow. I'm probably more nervous than he is.

4. I want to quote from Bridesmaids all the time. The problem is, most of the quotes are inappropriate. Sigh.

5. I finished workout 2 of week 1 of C25k and I'm alive. Hallelujah.

6. I've also been wanting to quote New Girl this week but don't think anyone would quite appreciate it. "Girls with clean hair. Models eating sliders. Bernadette Peters on a high beam. Freshly baked bread." Anyone?

7. NERD ALERT. I'm a history nut nerd. I'll own that. But I usually only like certain parts/eras of history. I've never really enjoyed studying or reading about the American Civil War (aka The War of Northern Aggression) and I'm not sure why. However, I'm reading this great alternate-reality book about what would've happened had England joined in on the Confederate side of the war. It's pretty interesting and has caused me to be interested in the Civil War. It also helps that I live in a city that was pretty influential during the Civil War and work on a historic site that just happens to be where the largest amphibious battle of the war occurred. See? It's all one big ol' circle. </nerd alert>

Well, blog friends, that's about it. I hope everyone has a wonderfully safe weekend. And make sure you use your [sun] protection.


  1. Actually cooking rice basically involves boiling water, so I'm sure you could do it BUT I find that cooking rice is always messy so I always get the easy kind because I hate washing dishes :)
    I totally get and appreciate your New Girl quote. You forgot "boobies."
    What's the name of the book you're reading?

    1. Selah,

      I purposely left off "boobies". I thought someone might think it inappropriate. However, that entire scene was absolutely hysterical.

    2. Oh the book is called 1862 by Robert Conroy.

  2. I know, I was thinking Bernadette Peters? Seriously? I love that show.

    I've got a confession that I've just got to put somewhere, but not FB or my blog. I've recently discovered that when your butt gets bigger, your skirts get shorter. Horrible phenomena.

    1. JILL! It's so true! I often have to get the hem of my skirts let the back only. But I've always had dumps like a truck. What? What? ;)

  3. Cookies rice is super easy! Just get a rice cooker! That's what I do. So... I nominated you for a Getting to Know You Award and the Liebster Award. Check it out, k?

    1. Oh thanks for the nomination! I'll check it out now!

  4. Oh MY GOODNESS, Southern Twin. 1. I buy the Minute Brown Rice in bags because I always get distracted and burn the regular kind. 2. I've only been buying the new Ben and Jerry's Greek Yogurt- I love the Raspberry Fudge Chunk and it really tastes like you're eating something naughty. But homemade hot fudge plus that. Oh man. I'll have to do a post on my Aunt's secret hot fudge recipe. We beg her to make it for every holiday even if we don't have anything to put it with. 3. Are you taking him to a local place or a chain like PetSmart? Definitely go to a local boutique type place- it'll be more but the quality and care they take is so worth it. 4. If it helps you, you can email me the inappropriate Bridesmaids quotes so we can banter back and forth. 5. I saw that on Pinterest and I really want to do it! In February I was up to 18 minutes of running on a treadmill, but I haven't been since :-/ 6. I. Love. New Girl. From 2 weeks ago- "Nick... put on some pants or at least some really high socks." 7. I am a huge history nut! But like you, for some reason I've never really been "into" the Civil War. I've always been more of a Revolutionary War/World War II girl. But I'd love to know what book you're reading to try it out.
    I hope this comment makes up for all of my not commenting in the last 2 months. I missed you, but I'm back now, I swear! :)

    1. YT, you MUST post the homemade hot fudge recipe. Seriously. Yes, I took Hewitt to a local groomer that was recommended by two different people. I won't EVER take him to Petsmart. (long story)

      I hope to keep everyone in blogland UTD on my Couch 2 5k progress. I have another workout today!

      I've always been much more into WW2 history, so this Civil War fascination is interesting, but it's pretty good.

      The book is called 1862 by Robert Conroy. You should check it out!

  5. LOVE Bridesmaids quotes. Especially the inappropriate ones. The scene at the beginning where they're in the coffee shop is ha-larious!

  6. so i don't really know how to cook rice either - i hardly ever eat it.
    or bacon.
    i let others make it for me.
    weird, i know.

    also, i DO quote bridesmaids all the time.
    STOVE? what kind of name is STOVE.

    this is civil rights you know, it is the 90's.

    also, that was my voice on the video - weird, right?


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