Sunday, April 1, 2012

spring/summer trends I can live with

  More often than not, seasonal trends tend to be a little more "out there" than my normal taste. Just take a little gander at what is big this spring.

No thanks. Freak NOT like me.

But there are some trends that I can really get behind that are "doable" enough for the average lady.

Here are a few spring/summer 2012 trends that I'm into lately...

Yes, these trends are fairly girly, but they are still wearable by almost everyone.

First off, the color palette is so pretty. Peaches, pinks, tangerines, melons and all sorts of other fruity colors. :) These colors are rich and bright and perfect for spring and summer.

The lace and midi skirt trends are also very girly and retro. Midi skirts are in between mini skirts and maxi skirts...hitting anywhere from below the knee to the bottom of the calf. These just SCREAM 50s housewife, don't you think? They'd be perfect with some little espadrille wedges.

These 3 trends are friendly enough for anyone to try. What do you think about them? Are you adventurous enough to wear peach or persimmon?

(all items in photo from ASOS)


  1. I have 1 peach tank top. Peach is the only shade of orange I can wear without looking washed out. I am considering this skirt, in geranium, for spring/summer:
    It's a similar color to the persimmon you posted and it's a mid-length style. If I still like it in 3-4 weeks I'll buy it.

    1. That is a cute skirt!! Let me know if you decide to get it!

    2. After mentally going through my closet and quickly coming up with 10 different outfits to make with this skirt (I stopped at 10, there are probably more), I've decided to buy the skirt :)
      Also, my new swim suit is a bright coral pink so I guess that's on trend too :)

  2. love this color!! especially the lace top and dress!!

  3. At first I was like "What the hell is a midi skirt?" But then you answered that, so good job. I think midi skirts are the only skirts I wear, so I'm glad they are trendy.


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