Thursday, April 19, 2012

hello gentlemen!

I caught a lot of flack when I included this photo in a blog post a few weeks ago.

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The question I got from most people was, "Do men really dress like that?"

Well, I don't understand why men WOULDN'T want to dress like that? It's cute! It's hot! It's fancy! Perhaps the very reason lies in the fact that I called this outfit "cute" and "fancy". Sigh.

Okay, well, if there aren't any men willing to pair green, pink and blue like this, then might I suggest a few other options?

Beauxin Bowties

Seersucker and Magnolias

Oh So Prep


Bowties are my favorite. I'm convinced that if more men wore bowties, the world would be a better place. Nautical accents like belts and colorful boat shoes are also high on my menswear love list. Lots of guys I know are colorphobic, so the idea of wearing a madras plaid or seersucker print bowtie scares the mess out of them.

Well, duh, pair your colorful accent with neutrals, like so...


Are there any men who would dress like this? Or are all these photos I've been finding staged? I'd love your opinions on this preppy style of menswear. (Boys too, PLEASE!)


  1. Honestly, the only men I've ever seen dress like this (pastels and bow ties) in real life are in their 80s. Younger preppy guys tend to wear their madras in shorts and their pastels in golf shirts. Our culture generally is just not this "fancy," as you put it. My husband often laments the fact that we no longer wear hats on a daily basis as he would love to wear a fedora like Indiana Jones :)

  2. Luis just bought a few bowties! He is wearing one to the Bromby wedding! : )

  3. YES! I love bow ties! And as Amie said, I bought a yellow/gold paisley one for the Bromby wedding!

    I am all about this blog post.

  4. I love this style on a guy..Pete doesn't think he can pull it off though!

  5. Vincent wouldn't rock the bowtie but I think he would wear most of what you picked it. I love the prep/rugby type look :) I so agree with you!

    1. Oh, and I totally want that mint blazer for myself....

  6. I was totally going to say Luis would love this post! But he already did!

  7. My friend Doug would totally rock the top outfit with the green Jacket-- he dresses like that on a daily basis. I love preppy boys!!!!

  8. I wish guys would dress like this. J Crew catalog model...yes please :)


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