Monday, April 2, 2012

this one's for the curves

I don't know if I'd consider myself a "curvy" blogger. I definitely have curves, but I also don't really talk much about it on this site. Lots of plus-sized fashion bloggers are very adamant about blogging for and about plus sized ladies without really speaking much into any other parts of the fashion spectrum and I'm not ready to take that plunge.

So, is my blog considered a "curvy" fashion blog or an "equal opportunity" fashion blog? (for lack of a better term) What is your take on this idea? Do you find curvy fashion blogs inspiring? Do you think it limits or discriminates against women of all sizes by marketing a blog specifically towards a certain type of woman?

I'll admit, I'm torn. I really enjoy seeing how clothing looks on someone more close to my size than the average fashion model, but I find it a bit discriminatory towards those who aren't plus size or curvy. However, I am more likely to try a new trend that I see on a curvy fashion blog than a regular one because I can see how it works (or doesn't work) on an "average" sized lady.

Here are a few of the curvy fashion blogs that have been a source of inspiration lately. Some of them market specifically to women of size and others don't.

Girl With Curves
Curvy Fashionista
Curvy Girl Chic
Stylish Curves

I'd love to hear your thoughts... (all shapes, sizes, genders, etc)

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  1. Another great blog: Gabi is a plus-size fashionista & budding fashion designer in NYC.

  2. I definitely love to see real girls wearing fashions, whatever size they are. but I also love to see real girls that are close to my size. i think you should include all sizes because we're all different!

  3. I like seeing real girls wearing fashions, too. It's somewhat deflating when I see an outfit I absolutely love, then after trying it on, realize it's not meant for my body type. I'll never be a size 0, and I'm fine with that! I'd rather be healthy than skinny :-)

  4. I agree with you that seeing a look on someone closer to my size/shape can be more inspirational than seeing it on a fashion model. However, when bloggers step into the "Real women have curves!" arena, I say "Real women come in all shapes & sizes!" I like my friend Emily's take on this:

    Right now I am more inspired by bloggers, like Audrey at and Caitlin at, who repeat and remix pieces. This is how real women dress!

    Also inspirational are bloggers, like you and Georgette at, who are really bold about color as this is where I am lacking in my wardrobe.

  5. It's nice now and then to find good places to shop for inexpensive plus sized clothing or stylish plus size, etc. But I admit, being obsessed with fashion I do think that clothes just look better in smaller sizes. I have worked in retail a lot and I always get drawn to the smaller clothes as far as liking them.

    Found you through Meg's. :)

  6. Great post - it's a tough line to walk between appreciating one body type and blasting another. Most bloggers i've read are good about it -- but it's something to look out for!


  7. I follow tons of general fashion blogs... however, I have found myself drawn to certain blogs because they give me an idea of what those styles would look on my size 12 frame (rather than seeing a size 4 and trying to guess which ones I can pull off and which ones I can't)... It really is a fine line, huh?

  8. like you, i'm torn. i love the "curvy" blogs, almost for the sole reason that it has begun to help me love myself, even though i'm not a size 6 or whatever the ideal size is these days. growing up with always feeling "not good enough" because i was larger and taller, my love of how God made me has been a great discovery. a discovery that i hope my daughter will learn early. only drawback to curvy blogs is when they start hating on other body shapes or the fashion industry.


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