Monday, April 16, 2012

outfit replication & inspiration

I've blogged before about copying outfits I spied on retail websites, other blogs or inspiration sites like Pinterest and Tumblr.

I don't mind being inspired by someone else's original inspiration. There ain't no shame in that game.

I thought I might share with y'all a few of my favorite (and yet to be replicated) outfits and their sources. Hopefully, you'll get just as inspired to search through your closet as I did in mine!

From Pinterest. Hot pink maxi skirt with a turquoise statement necklace? Yes, please.

From CurvyGirlChic. You just might see my version of this outfit on Wednesday. Maybe...

From the Gap. I just need to find some yellow heels.

From Kate Spade. I LURVE the statement necklace with a cardigan and floral dress.

Didn't I just say something about cardigans and statement necklaces? Oh yeah. From Pinterest.

From Girl With Curves. I just love this teal cardi with skinny jeans and pumps. SO cute and put together.

Though I don't have the EXACT elements to replicate this look, I definitely have the colors and could work with that combo. It's like Barney-chic! From Prepfection.

Where do you get your outfit inspiration from?


  1. has a Copycats link up on the 4th Friday of every month (April 27th is the next one). I thought you might be interested :)

    1. Thanks Selah! I'll definitely check it out! :)

    2. If I used a scarf instead of a necklace I could "copy" the first outfit with stuff I already have. I even have a cutie pie little girl :)

      Could you use yellow flats for the Gap outfit? I saw them in your closet in last Thursday's post ;)

  2. LOVE the bow clutch in the last picture and the fabulous pink maxi skirt in the first!

  3. I've been getting my outfit inspirations from you girl! :)

    I am loving all the colors this spring!

  4. hei, where can we buy the pink store?


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