Thursday, April 26, 2012

happiness and inspiration

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I was inspired by many things in the past week.

First of all, I worked at a 5k race at work and, well, I was inspired to walk crawl skip run a 5k.


Well, at least I'm gonna try to run the whole thing. I started the Couch to 5k program and survived the first workout without collapsing.

So, in other words, a strong start! ;)

Another thing that inspired me was a post on happiness by my girl Leslie at A Blonde Ambition. You can read the original post here.

She started using the hashtag #HappinessIs on Twitter and listed the things that are making her happy currently. I was so inspired by her happiness list, that I decided to do my own.

1. Late night (read: 8:45 pm) runs to Walgreens for cookies with Hewitt. #HappinessIs
2. New Girl. Enough said. #HappinessIs
3. Consuming said cookies while watching New Girl. #HappinessIs
4. Accepting an interim worship leader position at my church while they search for a new worship pastor. #HappinessIs
5. Statement necklaces. #HappinessIs
6. A faithful God. #HappinessIs
7. Hibachi chicken. Seriously, I can't stop thinking about it. #HappinessIs
8. Sunburn that has, for once in my life, faded to TAN. #HappinessIs
9. Growing my shoe collection by one more pair. #HappinessIs
10. My furchild Hewitt, who wards off loneliness like nobody's business. #HappinessIs


  1. I made this for dinner and it tasted just like a restaurants: :)

    1. Thank you. And, well, this might create a monster. But, I have a slight problemo...I've never cooked rice before. You see, in most cases I despise rice and would never eat it because it's weird. But in this situation it's a meal necessity. Because of my recent discovery of this deliciousness, I've not attempted cooking rice yet. Suggestions?

    2. Uncle Ben's Ready Rice (in the grocery aisle with the regular rice)

      Birds Eye Steamfresh Rice (in the frozen veggie aisle)

  2. I have been loving New Girl lately. Also congrats on the interim worship pastor job, that sounds great!

  3. YES! Congrats on #4! That sounds like a great thing for you!! You are rockin the three jobs!


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