Thursday, April 12, 2012

inspiration workshop: my style

Hello friends,

I'm kind of excited about today's blog post.

Well, okay, "excited" isn't EXACTLY the right word. More like, anxious with a side of excited.


Well, today is the montly Inspiration Workshop link-up over at Gussy Sews. The prompt for today's post is "My Style".

Oh man.

I know I've talked about my style a ton of times on the blog. My style is basically cardigans and ballet flats. (of course with pants/skirts/etc) It sort of lends itself to that preppy, classic look.

And I've mentioned before that I own, um, a few cardigans and pairs of ballet flats.

However, I've never actually shown you the fruits of labors.

So, today, in an effort to come clean with my addictions, I'm giving you a chance to see inside my closet and my shoe rack(s). I'm allowing the public (or my know) to get the inside scoop.

Ladies and germs, here is a photo of the "cardigan wing" of my closet.

Yes, that is 23 cardigans you see. (Well, you can't see all of them, but trust me, there are 23 of them.)

And here are the shoes. First off, the ballet flat shoe rack. It's only home to flats. Is that sick?

And now...the other one. I shall preface it by saying that it's slightly messier than the other. Oh, and it contains the rest of my flats that wouldn't fit on the first rack. *blushes*

And between these two racks and the other two, ahem, small boxes in the bottom of the closet, I have 56 pairs of shoes.

Honestly? I'm surprised that's all I have. I thought there'd be more. Heh.

So, as you can see, my style involves many a cardigan and a flat shoe. I don't know why I love flats so much...I'm not that short, but I just love them.

Now that you've seen the actual evidence that my style is cardigans and ballet flats, are you scared?


  1. oh hilarious -- but at least your cardigans are colorful!!!! like, you aren't a beige cardigan hoarder ;D thanks so much for linking up! xoxo

    1. Yes, if I were a beige cardigan hoarder I'd probably look like a walking vanilla pudding pop. I'm kind of beige anyway... ;)

  2. I am addicted to cardigans and ballet flats, too! I must have almost 15 Jackie cardigans from J. Crew, and then others from different stores! I just love cardigans! I always wear flats, too. I'm short, so I know heels would be better, but I love flats so much more!

    1. HAHAHA, well, I think the hats kind of balance out the flats. Hats make you look taller, right?

  3. My closet and shoe rack re super similar to yours! There's no such thing as too many cardigans or pairs of cute flats!

  4. LOL that is so cute! I only have 2 pairs of flats... oh wait... no maybe just the one pair. I got them at Nordstrom to wear when I was working at Nordstrom and had to be dressed up for work but couldn't handle wearing heels. I wasn't allowed sandals which is ALL I wear unless I'm going out. And cardigans... I don't think I have any although I have about 15 open sweaters with no buttons at varying lengths. I'm jealous you have so many shoes!! I LOVE shoes. I have probably 20 pairs and my boyfriend thinks that a lot but I assure him that it's not at all for a girl.

    I'm adding you to my blogs that I read page. :)

    1. Thanks Caity! No, 20 shoes isn't too many. Just tell your BF about my shoe collection and he'll be thankful you only have 20. HA!


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