Friday, May 11, 2012

confessional friday

Boy, have I got some confessions today, y'all.

Perhaps, I should get the doozy out of the way? Yes, it will make the rest seem like nothing at all.

Okay, ready?

//1. I made this last night.

Bad idea. Very, very bad idea.

What made it even worse was that did I bother to put it in a "fancy" bowl for the photo I took of it?

Nope. I made the dip in a tupperware bowl because why dirty up a "fancy" bowl when I knew there probably wouldn't be leftovers after my roommate and I got a hold of it.

But I DID do one thing for the camera...I broke up the graham crackers and put them on a paper plate instead of eating them right out of the box.

Because that kind of classy isn't born, it's bred. ;)

//2. I saw three large cats in a parking lot yesterday and mistook them for small monkeys. I was freaking out because I thought they'd escaped from a zoo next door. I seriously had a moment of "Oh my gosh, what do I do? Are these considered dangerous?" #smh

//3. I don't share my celebrity crushes very often because some of them are quite strange. I'll list them in order of least weird to weirdest. Ready?
Drew Brees, Ed Helms, Adam Richman and Ray Romano.

//4. None of my celebrity crushes are blonde. I have a thing for blonde guys. But is it weird that I am worried about potentially populating the world with little Aryan children? I mean, if I don't marry a man with at least a little bit of pigment in his skin, our children will be clear.

Or perhaps more like "pearlescent".

//5. I saved a cricket yesterday. I saved him from a painful death getting rolled over by my office chair. Not gonna lie, that felt good to pick him up (on a piece of paper) and put him back outside where he belongs.

Just call me the Cricket-Whisperer. Or, it could have been a Cicada. IDK. Either way, it's alive. ;)

Well, that's all the humor and confessions that I have for this week. Wanna join in next week? Link up with the lovely Leslie over at A Blonde Ambition and spill!

Happy Weekend!


  1. Your celebrity crushes gave me a chuckle. I'll share some of mine that people find weird: Dennis Quaid, Alan Rickman, and Adrian Brody :-). Have a great weekend!

  2. This looks delish! I have to try to make this!

  3. That looks yummy. :)

    But on another note, ...Ray Ramano? LOL. That's cute. I didn't think that anyone could find him attractive (especially after watching Everybody Loves Raymond where he plays such a wimpy mama's boy, lol).

    I have a celebrity crush on Nicolas Cage, Gerard Butler and for some reason, lately, I've been kinda into Edward Norton and Mark Walhberg. To each his own. :D


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