Thursday, May 3, 2012

thoughts on cars and being vulnerable

So, over the last 2 days, I've been in sort of a quasi-crisis. Now, I say "quasi" because to most people, this isn't really a crisis but to me, it's been a big ol' honking deal.

My story starts 2 weeks ago when I took Patty (my car) to a mechanic because she (Patty is female, after all) was making a funny noise. The mechanics looked at her and determined that it wasn't a tire/wheel issue like I originally thought, but potentially a transmission issue. They told me that I needed to take my car to the dealership because it was probably still under warranty. (Patty is almost 5 and has only 41,000 miles.)

So, I called the car dealership and inquired about coming on a Saturday whence they informed me that their "transmission mechanics" didn't work on the weekends and made an appointment for Tuesday for me.

Tuesday AM I drive Patty across town to be at the dealership to drop my car off. I get a courtesy shuttle ride in to work.

Tuesday afternoon they call and say I need a completely new transmission (thankfully, it will be covered under the extended warranty I purchased) and Patty will have to stay overnight and would be ready Wednesday afternoon. Um...okay.

Remember that I moved to a city where I knew NO ONE. And have no family or husband/boyfriend to help me.

Now, I've got to find a ride home from work on Tuesday and a ride to (another work) on Wednesday.

Hey, I'm cute and funny so I figured I could find a ride...even if that means hitchin... And find rides I did. No hitchin' involved. ;)

SO, then I expected to call the courtesy shuttle to come pick me up from work and take me to the dealership and I called them at 3pm to verify. They told me Patty would be ready to go at 5pm.

So, my boss leaves work early to take me to my car and we get halfway there and they call me and say that Patty is still sick and the brand new transmission wasn't programming correctly and asked if she could stay another night because Patty wasn't changing gears.

Well, um, sure. Since it's basically un-driveable and won't even change gears and even if I hop-skotched up to the dealership, I wouldn't be able to drive her home. So, yes, you can keep her another day.

Meanwhile in my head: now I have to find a ride to church and back tonight (because it's not like I can miss it, I mean, I'm the worship leader) and to work tomorrow. Grreeeaaaattttt.

So, it is at this point that the current time picks up. My other boss graciously drove me to work this morning and I'm currently without wheels until further notice.

I pray that Patty will be ready today, but who knows?!?!

Anywho, so if I've learned anything from this whole episode it's how to be vulnerable, because, vulnerable is not something I do well. I like to be in control of my surroundings and not have to rely on anyone else for anything.

I went from living 4 blocks from my job in a city surrounded by tons of friends and family to working 2 jobs (each 20-30 min from where I live) with no family to call on. I'm depending completely on the generosity of people that I've known for only a few months since moving.

So when I don't have wheels or any way to get to work and church, I totally rely on other people. This is hard. Because people, in my opinion, let you down inevitably. How can I trust people whom I've known only for a short time? They don't know me? I don't have enough of a context of a friendship with them to be able to ask them to give me a ride somewhere.

Or at least, that's what I thought. What I learned through this experience is that not all people will let you down. You can trust them. They will come through. I'm learning that some people just give and do out of the kindness of their hearts and don't expect anything in return. I'm learning that I can accept blessings without worrying about paying someone back. I'm learning that vulnerability isn't the same as a lack of self-confidence.

Above all, I'm learning that God is faithful. He will supply my every need...even if that need is a ride to church and a post-church dinner of chili cheese fries.

PS: Special shout-outs to Sharon, Robin, Kaylie and Nancy for the rides, talks and gifts of time.


  1. I LOVED this post! I like hearing about your life. I liked this line the best, "I'm learning that vulnerability isn't the same as a lack of self-confidence."

    It is really hard to accept help. From anyone, but especially from quasi-strangers. I'm proud of you, April. And thank goodness for the warranty!

    1. Thanks friend.

      Yes, it is so hard to accept help and I'm constantly concerned with burdening people but am grateful to those who are willing to help.

      Yes, no joke. Now, if I could finangle some free oil changes or a wash/detail from them, that'd be even better. ;)

  2. i am sooo surprised the dealership did not offer you a rental - for free - a lot of warranties include them for warranty work! (at least i think mine does, but she's a toyota).

    i'm glad you have the support. and that these people have been able to help you out - it's hard to ask and rely on others to follow through. i get that. i'm so self sufficient, and i expect too much of people sometimes.

    hopefully there are some people at church who would eagerly serve you - i would hope! - when you are having these kinds of challenges! make sure you let your needs be known! it's what the body of Christ is for, right? :)

    1. Well, I think they might have had they realized that an 8 hour repair would turn into a 48 hour repair. Heck, I'd even have sprung for a rental on my own, but they just kept adding on things at the very end. Ugh.

      Yes, people at church did help very much and the hard part is "letting my needs be known". I don't want to bother people with my problems and issues, I'd rather just deal with it myself. This situation forced me to do exactly what I don't normally do and I've grown because of it. ;)

  3. Great post! So glad your new friends and coworkers came through for you! : )And glad Patty is getting fixed up for free.

    P.S. Luna lost her ladyparts today.

  4. See...God looks after His children...even in Wilmington. I hope Patty recovers quickly and completely. I'm sure you will. ;)

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