Wednesday, May 2, 2012

wedding wednesday

I've always been quasi-obsessed with weddings. I've had a wedding "notebook" since I was little documenting all of my ideas and thoughts about my big day.

Since I discovered Pinterest, my little notebook has turned into a little wedding pin board. My, my, how technology has changed.

Since I derive lots of my weddingspiration from other people's ideas, I thought those of you with a date looming might get inspired by some of my favorite ideas. Here are some of my favorite wedding-themed pins from Pinterest.

1. I love the idea of tables lit from the bottom or with twinkle lights. GORG.

Pinned Image
Up-lit ruffled tables!

Pinned Image
Tables with twinkle lights.

2. Mason jars are useful for so many wedding things.

Pinned Image
Mason jars with ripped tissue paper mod-podged on them and candles inside. So pretty!

Pinned Image
Hanging Mason jars with water and flower blooms.

3. Colorful bouquets are a necessity on my big day.

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

4. Cardigans on brides. So modern, yet so vintage.

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

5. Unusual locations are not only interesting, but also more moderately priced.

Pinned Image
A wedding at the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher. (my work!!!)

Pinned Image
At a museum or historical site.

Pinned Image
Greenhouse wedding.

So, there are some of my favorite ideas for weddings. What are some of best ideas you received from another person?


  1. Do you know where that greenhouse wedding was located? Love it!

    1. This was taken at the Franklin Park Conservatory in Ohio.

      Hope that helps!


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