Sunday, May 27, 2012

hair pins

These are some pretty hairstyle/haircut pins I've seen on Pinterest lately and LOVED them.

These are hair pins. Get it? ;)

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Have y'all heard of hair chalking? I'm kind of obsessed with it and want to try it soon. I might get my sister to do it the first time. ;)

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A messy bun is something I live in. This messy bun is so chic and effortless looking.

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I love this bob. The end.

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Gosh, I love hairbands. I've not worn as many as I usually do as of late but these pins really make me want to. So cute!

Pinned Image

Even though Charlize is a little weird (right?) her hair here is killer. I'm all about some curls and this wavy/curl hybrid is do-able enough for everyday.


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