Friday, May 25, 2012

same show different channel

Happy Friday, friends.

If you're tuning in and thinking you accidentally clicked on the wrong didn't.

A Little of This and That is now called The Striped Flamingo.

Here's why:

I created the old name a long time ago and while I like the concept behind it, it's a bit too common and a mouthful. It's not memorable. I posted a bit about this on Facebook this week.

I wanted a memorable blog name that wouldn't constrict me to a particular genre, topic or theme.

Because, y'all know that I love to post about some random stuff. ;)

So, I arrived at The Striped Flamingo. It is a culmination of two of my favorite things: stripes and flamingos. I also find it comical and remarkable enough to suit my personality.

You'll also notice that I have an actual (real) domain name now. Don't freak out if you go to the old (a little of this and that) address because it will still redirect here. But it's much easier to remember than the other thing, right?

Finally, I changed up the blog look just a little bit. I'm still sticking with the same color scheme because, well, I like it. ;) Things shouldn't really look all that different.

Now, I wanted to share with you a couple more photos from my mini family vacay. Here you go!

Well, I think that's all for today. If you read my blog from an RSS feed and wanna check out the look for yourself, click here. If you have one of the old A Little of This and That blog buttons, feel free to switch it out with the new one located in my left sidebar. ;) For everyone else, have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend!


  1. This is great! Love the new name, new image and the About Me section (not sure if that one is new or not). Great job!

  2. Love the new name, so creative!

  3. amazing. LOVE this change.
    did you know 2012 is totally the year of the flamingo?
    As declared by my friends Erin, Julie and I.

    also, i have a board on pinterest dedicated to the flamingo.

    apparently target has a ton of flamingo stuff right now?
    MUST GO!

    1. Oh really? I'm glad to hear that it is the Year of the Flamingo and I will be heading to Target this weekend.

      They are some of my favorite animals. ;)


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