Tuesday, May 15, 2012

top 5 tuesday: things to do in wilmington

Though I've only lived in Wilmington for a few months, I've been blessed to experience lots of new restaurants, attractions and shops in the area. Today, I'll share my Top 5 favorite places/shops/restaurants I've discovered since being down here.

All of these are within Wilmington-metro which encompasses Wilmington, Carolina Beach, Kure Beach, Southport, Oak Island, Leland, Ocean Isle Beach, Sunset Beach, Bald Head Island, Wrightsville Beach.

And if you're planning a vacation in any of the following areas, you're close enough to try some of these out!

1. Surfhouse Cafe
This place is a really interesting cafe and surfshop in one. It's located on Carolina Beach (with another location near UNCW in Wilmington). Personally, the Cuban is something I dream about and they have decent prices. The atmosphere is very fun, hip and eco-conscious and they've got some very interesting tastes on their menu. I've also heard great things about the Mahi Sandwich, Marinated Chickpeas and Curry Chicken Salad Sandwich.

Okay, you probably expected this one, but I can't help it! It's a great way to spend a couple of hours. I was blown away with the Cape Fear Conservatory and how natural and beautiful it was and I hadn't even entered the main part with the fish in it. Admissions prices are VERY fair ($8 for adults and even cheaper for kids and seniors. Kids 2 and under are free.) There are lots of daily activities like feedings, dive shows, animal encounters and films. It's located south of Wilmington in Kure Beach.

(That's me with Luna, our albino American alligator.)

This is a series of historic buildings transformed into one huge indoor shopping area in downtown Willmington. They added shopping and dining but kept the integrity of the building so you get lots of original wood and mouldings, ceiling beams and other interesting architecture. Oh, and not to mention the shops are cool. Some are more tourist-oriented and some are just awesome!

This is one of the few beaches in the area where you can take your dog year-round and parking is free because it's a state historic site. So, win win!

A view of the visitor center from the beach.

Y'all. Seriously. You are talking about someone who doesn't eat Asian food, rice or most vegetables eating MASSIVE quantities of this stuff. I get the hibachi chicken bowl with broccoli. OH. EM. GEE. It's nothing like anything I've ever had. Oh, and their white sauce (which is really pinkish) comes out of these ketchup-like dispensers attached to the condiment bar. You put the sauce into little paper ramekins and you can get as many as you want!!!

Those are some of my faves in my town. Have you been to Wilmington? What do you like to do here?


  1. There is something special about Hibachi isn't there? We recently took the kids to a Japanese steakhouse for the first time (it was kids eat free night) and my 6 year old son, A, tried and liked fried rice, noodles, and shrimp. He even ate them with chop sticks :). The experience (especially the onion volcano) was deemed "Awesome!"

    Oh, and $8 for an aquarium is great!

    1. Oh, he's more adventurous than I. I haven't tried chopsticks yet. Perhaps, I will soon!

    2. You could always start with the kiddy ones (that's what A used). They have a roll of paper between them and are bound together with a rubber band. All you have to do is pinch.

  2. I love Wilmington, mostly because I've been watching it filmed in TV shows and movies for years. I visited there this past Fall, and although I didn't get to go to any of the places you mentioned (I will next time, for sure), I loved walking along the river, Hell's Kitchen was awesome, I spent some time around Wrightsville Beach and checked out Cucalorus, an annual film festival. It was great!! :)

    1. I do like Hell's Kitchen and I'm excited for Cucalorus time because I've heard great things!

      PS: have I met you IRL? I used to live in Charlotte and I saw that's where you live. Just wondering.


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