Thursday, June 13, 2013


It's no secret that I love color. Some might even call me a colorphile. It makes my soul hurt a little bit when I wear only neutrals and I almost always have some pop of color in my daily wardrobe ensemble. I have a Pinterest board dedicated solely to colorful things, my favorite MLP just happens to be Rainbow Dash and I even have a blog post tag called "color".

One of my favorite ad campaigns of all time was the Bryce Dallas Howard for Kate Spade New York campaign in 2011.

In other words...I've got it BAD for color...


What about you? Are you a colorphile or a colorphobe?

PS: I just ordered this amazingly cute JCrew lookalike necklace similar to the one in the top right of the collage above from Sassy Steals for $20! Click here to get yours! No, this isn't sponsored, I just need to share the color love, mmkay?


  1. What a beautiful rainbow of colors! Such fun pieces!

  2. I love to wear color.

    I love black and gray with color via accessories - bag, jewelry, or shoes.

  3. With Kate Spade alone, how can you not be convinced that color is amazing!?


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