Thursday, June 20, 2013

How to Dress for the 4th and Not Look Like a Dork!

How's THAT for an assonant rhyming title?

It's almost that time of year when red, white and blue becomes the fashion color choice of most...cough...cough...aka Independence Day (U.S.). For those of you non-'Murricans, Independence Day is also referred to as the "Fourth of July"...hence my snazzy title rhymes. :)

I've blogged before about how to dress for different holidays, but I figured The Fourth needed a little extra how-to love. I should also preface this how-to post by saying that you'll not catch me wearing anything with an American flag on it. Partly because I think it's a bit kitschy and partly because I think the American flag should be a flag...and not a t-shirt...or a pair of shorts...or shoes...or a bedazzled patch on the back of someone's Hello Kitty backpack. True story. But that's just me. However, there IS a way to dress for the Fourth without wearing the American flag...check it out below.

dress for the fourth

With these outfits, I wanted to show that incorporating patterns (that aren't strictly stars or stripes) can work. Also, it's important to not feel the need to wear red AND white AND blue. It's okay to just do navy and white or red and white. I did show all three in the outfits above so y'all can see it's possible to wear red, white and blue and not resemble Old Glory.
So, what are you wearing for the Fourth?


  1. I have a creepy USA Old Navy tank to wear to the pool.

    Looking for red shorts to wear. Or I'll just do my white tank, navy shorts, and red flip flops!

  2. I feel like these outfits are adorbs!!!! Please don't hate me and my new American flag slip ins from target ;)


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