Thursday, June 27, 2013

Things I Don't Do

I absolutely loved reading Steph's post on her blog yesterday. As a matter of fact, I lurved it so much I decided to do one on MY blog.

Ladies and gentlemen, Things I Don't Do...

Drink out of restaurant cups without a straw. Nah-uh! I worked in food service, y'all. No.

Touch raw hot dogs, if at all possible. I squeeze them out using the plastic package or tongs.

Drink after you. I hate it. G.E.R.M.S.

Love Journey. Sorry, Journites...I just don't love them.

Wear vests. You shouldn't either. Just let that process for a sec...

Spelunk. April doesn't like closed-in spaces.

Touch cats. I'm allergic and they are deadly assassins.

Drink beer.

Use the words "slaw", "water socks" or "moist", if at all possible.

Eat sushi.

Like "jumpy" animals like frogs, crickets and toads.

Drink coffee. Or tea. I know!

Go out all the time. I need to be home and hermitized.

Eat seafood.

Drugs. Duh.

Ever return anything (movies, library books, etc.) on time.

Find Ben Stiller funny. Ever.

"Purchase" books that aren't free on my Kindle.

What are some things you don't do?



  1. I love this list! And really anything with a honey boo boo gif :)

    And your Ben Stiller point made me giggle.

    I might have to do a version of this list today.

  2. I like this. One of mine is I don't ever turn in library books or movies late.

  3. I'm with you on the germs, especially straws. I also have no desire to be within any touching distance of cats, they are weird, and I am allergenic as well. I do, however, spend a ridik amount of money on Kindle Books each year, but I used to buy them the bookstore, so I don't feel that bad about it. Also, I'm that annoying person who returns everything on time. hehe.

  4. WHAT. I cannot believe I never thought about the cups in resturants. ICK! this list was great btw!

    iris @

  5. Oh my gosh, those GIFs are hilarious! I totally agree with you on hot dogs and not drinking without a straw! Preach it, sista! :)

  6. Love this list! I also don't do tight spaces. And now I will never allow a foreign cup to touch my lips.


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