Monday, June 17, 2013

Miss USA Pageant Thoughts

Happy Monday, friends.

Let's chat briefly about the Miss USA pageant, shall we? First of all, I had to be schooled by a much more pageant-saavy friend about the diff between the Miss USA and the Miss America pageants. Basically, one is a scholarship organization, I'll dub this the "brains" system. This is where the contestants usually have a "cause" and are very, VERY intelligent. The other competition is celebrity-driven and more of a straight-up beauty contest. This shall be called the "beauty" system. Obvs, the Miss USA is the latter with NeNe Leakes and Jessica Robertson as judges and a Jonas Brother as a host. (I forget which one...but does it really matter? It's not the hot one....who strangely looks kind of drugged out now. But I digress...) The Miss USA competition is part of the Miss Universe system.

However, I shouldn't knock these ladies. They looked amazing, beautiful and some of them were very well spoken. And all of them look a whole lot better in a bikini than I do. HA!

Evening Gown [source]
My favorite from the evening gown competition are the following four ladies:

Miss South Carolina USA - Megan Pinckney
I liked her very early on. She rocked it. She was very well spoken and articulate though I didn't particular care for some of her responses to questions. This dress was gorgeous. It looks like shimmery water on her and she looked beautiful in it!
Miss Illinois USA - Staci Juris
Mad props to this lady for rocking sleeves. I loved this dress. The color and fit were perfect. Sadly, this contestant was a bit forgettable.
Miss Alabama USA - Mary Margaret McCord
Girlfriend, go on. I loved this dress. It was totally dramatic and classic at the same time and those statement earrings are awesome! Miss Alabama was one of my favorite contestants of the night as well.
Miss Nevada USA - Chelsea Caswell
Not a fave contestant of mine, but this dress was totally gorgeous. She looked like Jessica Rabbit!
Sadly, one of my early favorites, Miss Utah USA, completely bombed her question. She looked killer though.
Here was the question and answer...provided by Maxine.
Question from judge Nene Leakes, the reality TV star: “A recent report shows that in 40 percent of American families with children women are the primary earners yet they continue to earn less than men. What does this say about society?”
Miss Utah:
“I think we can relate this back to education and how we are continuing to try to strive to . . . [long pause, punctuated by a sheepish yet radiant smile]. . . figure out how to create jobs right now. That is the biggest problem and, I think, especially the men are seen as the leaders of this, so we need to . . . [shorter pause] . . . create education better so we can solve this problem.”
Bless her little heart, y'all. Poor thing. I know she just was having a moment, but how bad is it to have a moment in front of millions of people?! I can't even...

Other thoughts:
Where did Miss Connecticut come from? Dude. I wasn't expecting that one at all. I'd say she was a dark horse, for sure, because she completely flew under my radar...especially after this neon green half-dress disaster she wore in the opening sequence. Hey, but good for her and good luck at Miss Universe!

Also, Jessica Robertson as a judge has me in a pickle. First, I love her show and her family and such. AND, she could have totally been a contestant if she weren't married. :) BUT, is she really suitable for being a pageant judge? I don't know. I'm not sure what type of pageant background, if any, she has. But, this is also a competition where Bob Harper (The Biggest Loser) was a judge, so...yeah. Girlfriend sure looked FIERCE though.

Did you watch the pageant? What are your thoughts? Okay, okay, BESIDES how bad the Jonas Brothers sounded. :)
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  1. I was so in love with Miss Alabama and so sad she didn't win! Her gown was fabulous.. so dramatic, but classy.


  2. I didn't watch, I didn't even know it was on!

  3. That neon green dress is pretty terrible! The bow and weird tulle design just don't do it for me. I absolutely love Alabama and Illinois though.


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