Friday, June 7, 2013

Mascots and Their Cousins

The world of team mascots is quite an intriguing one. There are common mascots (tigers, wolves, hawks, raiders, etc.) and uncommon mascots (banana slugs, fire, fighting okra, friars, etc.). There are relevant mascots and irrelevant mascots...cough...Gumbo the much as it kills me to say that. There are even live mascots and their costumed cousins. Sometimes, these guys are supposed to be the same and sometimes they are different characters.

Below are examples of some of my favorite real-life mascots and their costumed cousins. :)

Sir Spurr (above) and Cocky (below) from the University of South Carolina.

Mike the Tiger (above) and Mike the Tiger (below) from Lousiana State University.

Ralphie the Buffalo (above) and Chip the Buffalo (below) from Colorado University.


Smokey the Bluetick Coonhound (above) and Smokey the Bluetick Coonhound (below) from the University of Tennessee.

Dubs, the Husky...I mean Malamute (above) and Harry the Husky (below) from the University of Washington.

Peruna the Mustang...erm...Shetland Pony (above) and Peruna (below) from Southern Methodist University.

I'm kind of obsessed with team mascots now. These GIFs made me love them even more...oh...and it also made me almost pee my pants when I watched them. Warning: DO NOT take a sip of any drink and watch them. You WILL spray!

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  1. Um love that they used the shetland pony like really? That is not a mustang! My other favorite in the FSU Chief and his appaloosa... even though I'm a die hard UF fan!

  2. My SMOKEY pup made the list!!! YAY YAY YAYYYYY!!

  3. There isn't much funnier than watching two mascots wrestle with each other. Kills me every time!!


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