Friday, June 28, 2013

Confessional Friday: Pet Peeves

Happy Friday, poopsies! (Pretend I'm Ursula and you're Flotsam and Jetsam, okay? In that context, is how I used "poopsies". End weird nerdy intro statement.)

Today's Confessional Friday theme is one that's near and dear to my heart...

Pet Peeves.

Oh yes, it's time for y'all to see just how weird I am. You know, just in case yesterday's post and all of my posts, in general weren't enough of an indication. :) So, without further adieu, my pet peeves...

1. "I could care less".
Stop it! Stop saying this! We know what you mean, but you're saying it wrong. It should be "I COULDN'T care less". What you're trying to convey is that you don't care at all but when you say "I could care less" you imply that you care a lot. Please, for the love of all colloquialisms. Stop it.
2. You're.
If you are faced with the task of using the words you and are and you're not sure how to use them...just use both words, please. It is apparent that much of the English speaking world population doesn't understand the difference between a possesive your (your clothes, your job, etc.) and a contraction of you and are (you're funny, you're being ridiculous). When in doubt use both words. Please. Thank you.
3. Ugg boots and mini skirts.
This needs no explanation. It just needs to stop.
4. Loud talkers.
I am not a loud talker and you shouldn't be either unless you're at a sporting event or a club. Also, if you're a yankee and you live in the South you have no excuse. Assilimate already!
5. Too many carbs in meals.
Now, I love a carb. I haven't met many I don't like. However, it annoys me when certain restaurants...cough...Bojangles...cough...Zaxbys...serve fried chicken tenders, some sort of bread or biscuit and fries. Too many dry carby things. One must have a side of green beans or mac n cheese in order to have a balanced meal, right?
6. Too many sentence fillers.
I am so guilty of this but I don't notice it when I talk, of course. I loathe when people use filler words like "um", "like", "uh", etc. to fill spaces while they are talking. Just stop talking for a second and think about it then you won't need to use those fillers.
The end. :) Linking up with Leslie over at A Blonde Ambition for today's post. What are some of your pet peeves?


  1. Totally with you on number 1. I like to be annoying and correct people on that :)

  2. There's a lady on my train that talks so loud, the entire time, her voice echoes throughout the car.

    I'm actually looking forward to today because I know she's on vacation. I know, and everyone else on the train knows. She is relentless and I try to get on a different car than her but always seem to wind up on the same one.

    Most grammar issues bug me, but the one that has been up my butt lately has been suppose instead of supposed. I feel like screaming every time someone says I was suppose to go. NO NO NO.

  3. You're right. Mac and Cheese balances out an overly carb-filled meal because pasta has NO carbs in it at all! Good call!

  4. #1 bugs me too. One of my biggest pet peeves is people (usually moms) who complain about summer break. Why did you have children if you don't like having them around?


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