Friday, January 3, 2014

Confessional Friday

Yay! I'm so happy it's Friday!

It's been exceedingly hard to get motivated this week and I know it's because I had a day off in the middle of the week. So, it was like I had two Mondays in one week! (And 2 Friday's, but I would never complain about that!!)

I'm also really happy that Mrs. Leslie brought back her Confessional Friday link-up. Why? Because confessions are the cheapest form of therapy around!

//1. I confess that I'm beyond excited to say that there are only 99 days left until my wedding! WHOO HOO! I'm giddy like a little school girl.

//2. I also confess that the idea of 99 days until my wedding does make my anxiety bubble up a bit. There is so much left to do!!

//3. I confess that I don't know how I'm going to work a whole week next week. For the last few, I've had time off, so the thought of working 5 days in a row?!?! Tragic...

//4. I confess that I used some Christmas gift cards to buy some things for my wedding reception and to buy a couple of gifts for people. But, to be fair, I bought Christmas stuff in the after Christmas sale and just gave it to them because I knew they'd like it and I told them I'd picked it up on clearance. It's not like a wrapped it up and tried to pass it off as a real gift. Is that bad??

//5. I confess that I have a wedding countdown app on my phone. Is that too much? Is it pathetic? I like having the countdown and you can add your photo and names and stuff. #iknowiamridiculous

//6. I confess that I typed "I foncess" every.single.time. I tried to type "I confess" in this blog post. Blame the early morning blogging...

//7. I confess that I'm going through Christmas sugary/sweet DTs and it ain't pretty. Yesterday, I contemplated eating some of the chocolate that's been on my coworkers desk for at least a year. What is WRONG with me??

Linking up here!

Do you have any foncessions confessions you need to get off your chest before the weekend?


  1. I confess I'm glad confessional Friday is back!

  2. I'm totally having the sugar DTs. Not cool!

    I was off for nine days, went to work yesterday, and today we were closed for snow. Next week is going to be TOUGH!

  3. 99 days, crazy! BTW-- usually read on dig reader, but I am loving your new blog design.

  4. Woo hoo double digits until the big day! Mine is 63 days and I cannot believe it! It's going to start getting really busy! :)


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