Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: The Checklist

[Today's Wedding Wednesday post is coming a day early since we may or may not have a winter storm in my area later today and tomorrow.]

It's no secret that I'm a lister.

As a matter-of-fact, I've recently come to terms with my listing obsession and the benefits associated with it. So is there really any doubt in your minds that I have a master wedding list? This is an overall master list of all things I need to do for my wedding/reception/honeymoon, etc. Now, I do have sub-lists for things like "purchase reception food". Obviously, this contains the actual items and quantities that I will purchase.

Anywho, I figured I would share my list today with y'all. The items crossed out are done. The items that are in colored text are in the process of being done/worked on. I still have A LOT left to do!!

So, there are some big things I've yet to do (cough...find a place to live and move there) but I'm working on it. And yes, one of my to-do items is to make a list. Bite me.
Overall, it's a bit refreshing to see how much I've accomplished since October 30. However, there are lots and lots of small details that aren't necessarily listed out on this list. Also, I still need to worry about paying for everything. Fun times. Thankfully, M is paying for the honeymoon and his parents have graciously purchased our plane tickets to Jamaica. (Wahoo!!) So, the major money-takers left are the photographer, cake, reception food and flowers.
We're getting closer. I will be sending out the invites this weekend!! I'm so excited!!


  1. Looks like you've got a good handle on everything!!

  2. All aboard! The wedding train is full speed ahead. I lived and died by my wedding checklist.

  3. Looks like you're in good shape, but I knew you would be.

  4. Girl, you are on top of everything. Love it!


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