Thursday, January 23, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

Let's catch up on some of my favorite things around the world and in the blogosphere this week, shall we?

I am totally obsessed with Audrey's outfit here. Normally I can't pull off boots very well but this makes me want to try!
I love this hedgehog. Apparently hedgehogs as pets are a thing now. Who knew?!


Look at these pictures. Think about it. When you get your mind blown?!?
Ice cream will never judge you. Ice cream over a skillet cookie will always be your best friend.
Hello tiny, adorable smiling goat.
Happy Thursday, friends!


  1. Great link to the article about Pinterest. Pinterest is the main traffic source for my blog. It's a powerful tool.

  2. hedgehogs are my FAVORITE. i follow a few accounts on IG. they are adorable.
    they are illegal in CA, otherwise I would get one in a HEARTBEAT. could you imagine mylie and a hedgehog together? cutest ever. :)

  3. That cookie looks AMAZING!
    Nickel City Pretty


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