Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Top 5 Tuesday: Lately

I feel like I've been talking a lot about the wedding and not really updating anyone much on life-in general. So, I've deemed today's Top 5 Tuesday post "Lately" as these are the top 5 things that have been going on in my life recently.

1. I've been sick.
I'm not joking that I feel like I've been sick for about 3 years...when in reality I've had a few back-to-back sinus infections and colds that have only lasted about 2 months. However, I've NEVER been sick for this long. Normally I get like A sinus infection or A cold per year (sometimes 2x a year) but this year, it's been ridiculous. Can I blame the weather? I feel like I should blame my weekly allergy shots. My non-logical brain tells me that my body is so busy fighting off the allergens it is injected with weekly that it's leaving me susceptible to other germs/bugs that I normally wouldn't catch. I am probably just creating some sort of immunologic conspiracy theory though. #likely

2. M and I are on the search for housing.
We are looking for a place to live. This isn't your ordinary house search because we have fairly strict rules/needs/etc. in our hunt. It has to be in a very specific geographic area (about halfway between his work and my work...so about a 30 min commute for both of us), needs to be a house or townhome (because I can't handle having loud people live above me...again) and it can't be exorbitantly expensive. (I might have just made up the word exorbitantly.) The area we're looking is a more expensive area of Charlotte to live in, so we've definitely got our work cut out for us. On the bright side, we do have a few options that fit the bill, so now we've just got to make some decisions. :)

3. Root canal.
Tomorrow, I'm having another root canal procedure. Oh JOY!

4. I'm going to do this wardrobe/spending challenge.
When it comes to clothes shopping, I've always gone for quantity over quality. I buy something because it's on clearance or cheap and then end up never wearing it because I can't put it together in an outfit OR it falls apart. I love Caitlin's idea of adding one item to your wardrobe each month. This way, you have to be very intentional about what you buy (to make sure it goes with the rest of your wardrobe) AND you can save some money (from buying all the random cheap stuff) to purchase an investment piece. Thoughts?

5. My dog loves my shoes.
Hewitt often lays on my shoes. At this particular time, he had his entire head in my shoe. What is wrong with him? Or is this normal?


  1. First, house hunting-- exciting!!!! As for your wardrobe, I have found that buying things because they are on sale doesn't always mean I will end up wearing them. As a general rule, I buy outfits or a cardigan I know will go with another outfit, etc. While it might cost more up front, I find I get more use out of stuff that I love, instead of just buying things because they are a good deal. Hope you feel better soon! -Kelly

  2. Yay for house hunting! I imagine you would be great at that. I can't wait to see where you end up!

    I love the clothing challenge. I'm a fan of all kinds of shopping challenges. This one sounds super do-able and smart. Maybe I'll do it to. First I would have to think about what I really need... which honestly isn't much. A watch? Do accessories even count?

  3. House hunting - so exciting and so nerve wracking all at once.

    I love the idea of buying one piece a month. You really need to think about it and I think that's a great thing. I too am guilty of buying something because it's cheap and then never integrating it into my wardrobe.


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