Wednesday, June 22, 2011

blog interview @ kindlykate

Hi friends!

I was recently asked to do a little interview for a blog friend's blog. I really enjoyed it! It turned out pretty funny, if I do say so myself. ;)

So, how about y'all hopping on over to Kindly Kate and checking it out. Leave some comment love too!


  1. Fun interview! I tried to post a comment over there but it wouldn't go through.

    I live in Charlotte too and I spend May to September in tank tops and cap sleeves. How do you wear cardigans in the summer time? Seriously, is there a trick to it?

  2. Selah, I live in lightweight 3/4 or short sleeved cardis during the day and I remove them when I get out of work. :)I also usually opt for them at night because I usually get chilly.

  3. OK, so I tried it. I wore a very lightweight, 3/4 sleeve cardi over a cami and wide leg pants. I wore it while running errands with my kids. I was surprisingly comfortable and much more put together than my usual "Mommy on the go" look. As my son says, I looked stylish:)

  4. Excellent! Welcome to the world of stylish summer cardigans!


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