Thursday, June 30, 2011

inspiration workshop: a "green" bathroom

Today, I'm linking up again with Maggie at Gussy Sews for her Inspiration Workshop post series.

This week's inspiration prompt is "Perfect Bathroom".

Oh man. I'm all over this one.

After a few hours of internet searching I realized that I couldn't find a picture that had EVERYTHING that I wanted in the perfect bathroom, so I'm making a short list of what would be inside my perfect, dream bathroom.

First of all and most importantly, my perfect bathroom would be as eco-friendly or "green" as possible.

An earth-friendly bathroom would have a bamboo or cork floor. Not only are these sustainable resources but they are naturally mold, mildew and water-resistant. Oh, and the floors are REALLY pretty too!

The next thing my perfect eco-friendly bathroom would have is a double-sink countertop made out of recycled glass bottles and aluminum cans. Something like this...

Another essential in my perfect bathroom is a bathtub. I love my bubble baths and I want to be able to soak in them without feeling guilty about all the water I'm using. By having low flow faucets and fixtures and a bathtub/sink made out of reusable materials it makes it a bit better for the earth. Oh, and Whirlpool even makes this super-chic Eco-Silent Whirlpool Tub! :)

The last two things on my list are on there for more aesthetic reasons than for eco-friendly reasons...but there are ways to do each of these in an environmentally friendly way, so win WIN!

The first (of the know) is for the bathroom to have the colors of blue and green or blue-green/aqua. It's so beautiful and soothing.

The last (of the last!) is natural light. If I'm going to have an earth loving, perfect bathroom, then I want to be able to see the...well, the earth! The sunlight! I'm in love with these...

Well, that's my PERFECT BATHROOM in a nutshell. A big bathtub, natural light, the colors of the earth and most importantly, as sustainable and earth-friendly as possible.

What's your perfect bathroom? Are you inspired to research ways to go "green" in your space?

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  1. Hopping over from Gussy - Nice bathroom pics! You have excellent taste! :) I love all the tile work. GORGEOUS! Have a great day!

  2. Blue and aqua plus natural light is just perfect!! Stopping by from Gussy!

  3. I love that you put an eco-twist on this prompt. I also love the light blue and natural light - so peaceful!


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