Friday, June 17, 2011


Ahhh, it's Friday. Not only is today the start of the weekend, but it is indeed Insta-Friday! I'm linking up with Jeanette from over at Life Rearranged for my Insta-Friday post.

If you aren't familiar with Insta-Friday, it's where you post pictures that you've taken with your cell phone camera throughout the week. I use the Instagram app (it's free!!!) to make mine look all purty and stuff.

Now, for the pics... This week's round up includes not only one, but TWO dogs, flowers and food. Sadly, most of my Insta-Friday posts have included pictures with these subjects. Does that symbolize something? Anywho...on with the pictures!!

This is a happy Jada. I was dog sitting her and her sister Eve this past week.

It's also been VBS week at work. Oh man. The children. The snacks. The crafts. :)

On my trip to Wilmington we drove down to Carolina Beach. It was so pretty!

Even though Hewitt wasn't allowed on the beach, he still enjoyed soaking up the rays.

Mmmm, Qdoba. Part of a balanced lunch. HA!

These pretty blooms were on my car after I got off work today. Hmmm...I wonder who they're from??

Happy Friday, y'all!


  1. your VBS looks like quite a party! jada is adorable. and the burrito looks DELISH. we don't have qdoba out here, but i hear its so good! :)

  2. I am visiting from Life Jada, the beach and the flowers.

  3. What a cute Jada! :)

    Love the flowers, too.

  4. I'm born, raised, and still live in FL and I've always wanted to visit a Carolina beach! Looks sooo pretty! One of these days...


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