Monday, June 20, 2011

weekend project update: spray paint

I posted on Thursday about my weekend project to do some spray painting. 

Well, though it wasn't my first experience with spray painting, it was my first experience with doing it for a home decor project...and thus really caring about the result.

Speaking of the results...well, I think they turned out pretty well.

I started with some pretty normal looking glass jars and vases.

And a pretty beat up red tray. (I'm not the biggest fan of red, so even cleaned up the color is not my style.)

I ended up with some cute opaque-y vases and a totally I-will-actually-use-it tray.

I really liked doing this project. I scored some really cute spray paint in light blue, pale yellow and teal. The lighter the color, the more coats I had to apply, and I learned a few lessons the hard way,  (hello PATIENCE!!) but I want to do more stuff like this. It was even worth the spray paint fume headache I got.

I'm now looking at different things in my house and wondering what they'd look like with spray paint. Might I say that I've got the spray paint fever?

More projects coming soon!


  1. I feel like reading your blog is making my wallet get smaller- you always have so many good ideas I just want to run out and do/buy them!

  2. Thanks Jill!

    Kate, reading my own blog makes my wallet smaller. Now I feel the need to spray paint some of my furniture and thus buy more spray paint. It's a never ending cycle! ;)

  3. I really like the way the mason jar came out. The spray paint gives the jar a really cool look.

    A surgical mask and a good fan help with the fumes :-)

  4. LOVE the tray with the vases. what a CUTE idea. i may have to do something like that too! :)

  5. Those vases are beautiful. And I love the tray. Such a cute DIY idea!

  6. trying this soon! someone told me there's a way to paint the inside and it chips and looks cool. we'll see ;)


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