Friday, June 3, 2011


I saw this idea over at The Pleated Poppy blog, who linked up from Life Rearranged.

It's a really cool idea where you post pictures taken throughout the week on your iPhone/iPod with the Instagram app and weave it into a brief recap of your week.

I love this because I often like catching stuff with a camera but don't want to lug around my big ol' honking thing all the time. This is so cool. You should do it too!! Here we go!

Here's the B grilling up some burgers and hotdogs on Memorial Day.

Outside my office one bright summery morning!

Okay, it's not with Instagram, but with CamWow. Come on, people, it's FUNNY!

The Closet of Wonders at work. Or somedays it is the Closet of Doom.

My Hewitt just being cute.

Yay for Insta-Friday!


  1. What is this instagram app? What makes it cool?

  2. mmmm...BBQ.

    cam wow is hilarious, i may need to get that.

    and hewitt is ADORBS!

  3. Jill,
    The instagram app lets you put cool photo effects on the pictures you take or have taken and then you can tweet them if you want.

    This post could be done without Instagram though.

    CamWOW is ridiculously funny. It will take up your weekend if you get it. :)
    Thanks! I think Hewitt's pretty handsome too!

  4. What a cute dog! ...and that picture from outside of your office came out really pretty too! :)

  5. Found you via Life Rearranged (link up)
    Your instagram pictures are so cool..
    and my sister has that Cam Wow on her phone - it is hilarious!

  6. The rug behind Hew--we have the same one in B's room!


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