Thursday, June 16, 2011

weekend project

I've never really been one for spray painting things because it's a messy task. But I've recently come across some bee-you-tee-ful photos of spray painted jars and I must admit that I'm quite obsessed.

I took this idea a step further from the jar look and decided that anything glass will do. So, I think that all of the glass vases that I have from various flower arrangements need a new coat of paint. I might keep one that's clear, but the rest are getting a makeover. Oh, and I might try to paint a few jars too for tea light holders and/or planters.

I was inspired by some of these pictures...

all images found via pinterest

What do you think about spraypaint? Other than the messiness factor, I do think it's something I could grow to love and enjoy using...

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  1. ooohhh, girl, you KNOW how I feel about spraypaint! SO MUCH awesomenesss!

    can't WAIT to see if I can get some spraypainting done this weekend. :)

    i am so excited that you de-lurked yourself. And thanks for the button lovin! :)

    PS you definitely should do the "email reply" thingy for comments - so that I can write you back! (but only if you want!)

    Have a GREAT thursday! <3


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