Wednesday, June 22, 2011

dainty li'l things

Recently The B (my boyfriend) commented that I don't really wear a lot of jewelry. At first, this surprised me and I started to argue that statement but after I thought about it, I realized it is true. You see, back in "the day" (read: 5+ years ago) I was really into chunky, bold statement jewelry. I bought it and made it bright, large and colorful! It also became pretty synonomous with my look. April wears crazy jewelry. That was just a fact.

But the older I've gotten, I realize that my tastes in jewelry have changed. No longer do I swoon over a huge coral beaded triple strand necklace or a chunky blue resin bangle. I find myself leaning much more towards dainty, simple and classic jewelry designs like pearl stud earrings or a nice Pave pendant necklace.

I've even discovered a taste for unique jewelry...but just in a smaller scale than before.

This Etsy shop has a lot of unique but dainty designs.

This Etsy shop is dedicated to one of my favorite jewelry materials. ;)

One thing that is a bit surprising is that these dainty jewelry pieces don't really come with dainty price tags. I mean, if I'm going to buy something that's the size of my thumbnail I feel like it should cost less than my rent. So, with me being a bit of a cheapskate (and because I just KNEW I could make my own easily) I swung by Michael's today and picked up a sterling chain and a tiny charm and for under $8, I came out with this li'l number...

I tried to photoshop my red chest and freckles out but it didn't work. So you get the raw version. But the focus is on the necklace still, right? Right. (at least my NECK isn't red....) :)

Despite the fact that I still have a bunch of the chunky and bold jewelry that I used to love, I think I can start finding room for more like this.

What about you? Do you have a jewelry "style"? Do you even wear a lot of jewelry?


  1. I love the necklace you made! I don't wear much jewelry on a daily basis. Just stud earrings and my wedding bands:
    (That's not my ring or hand just very similar). I've been wanting to add more necklaces to my look. I never thought about Micheal's for jewelry. I'll have to check out their charms.

  2. OMG! I just went to the first Etsy shop you linked and I am in love! My birthday is coming up soon so I'll have to send that link to my husband:)

  3. Oh my! Tell me that you don't love some of those cutie earrings and necklaces from the Linkel Designs shop! There are so many things I want there that I had to start a list. :)

  4. Another idea is to double up on the chain-and-tiny-charm look. For example, you could do a ship wheel charm and an anchor charm! So cute!

  5. That's funny, some of my favorite necklaces from the Linkel Designs shop have multiple charms on them. I adore this one:


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