Tuesday, June 21, 2011

top 5 tuesday: favorite guitar solos

I got the idea of doing this post from another blog that I follow where a Top 5 greatest guitar RIFFS post was done last week.

As a lover of music I felt the need to respond this week with my Top 5 favorite guitar solos. Most of these are from rock/blues music, and let me just say that it was VERY hard to get my list down to just the 5.

So, here they are!

5. Layla. (Eric Clapton) Watch it here. Solo starts at 2:58.

4. Shine. (Collective Soul) I'm sad to announce that I've only recently (in the last 3 years) become acquainted with this song. I like it. Once I heard the guitar solo, I was...well...transfixed. Solo starts at 2:47ish.

3. The Thrill Is Gone. (BB King) This guy sings through his guitar. Oh man. This whole song is practically a solo. Watch him and Eric Clapton in this sick video.

2. Freebird. (Lynard Skynard) I know it's overplayed, but holy cow, it's so good. Watch it here. Solo starts at 4:43.

1. Beat It. (Michael Jackson & Fall Out Boy) No matter who does this solo, I'm so totally in love with it. I found this amazing video that shows all of the musicians who've done the solo on this over the years. You must at least watch past the 3:00 mark to see Jennifer Batten's outfit.

Oh man. I think I need an outfit like that for the stage. It looks like fiberoptic wires. Thoughts?

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  1. wow such great choices ~ i don't think i could narrow mine down to 5, that must have been tough!! x


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