Friday, July 1, 2011

insta-Friday & winner!

It's Insta-Friday time, y'all! I know you're practically falling off of your seats in anticipation, right? ;)

I'm linking up with Jeannett for this week's Insta-Friday post again. If you're not familiar with it, all you do is post cell phone camera photos from throughout the week on Friday!

Here, we go!

Here's my little Hewitt. He's a happy boy here. I know, I know, I'm one of "those" dog people.

This is a cool close-up of my hurr-do (hair do) that I did [all by myself, thank you!] for a wedding I sang in on Saturday.

These were the gorgeous, old stained glass windows that were in the church where the wedding was.

So, I went to dinner with the B one night at this spectacular local Italian joint (Mama Ricottas) and this was behind my right shoulder on the wall. I was going for an artsy vibe with this picture...but what I ended up with was mostly a chin and nostril shot. Heh.

Funny story. I was on Facebook and I saw someone's status pop in my newsfeed and it said "Go outside! The sky is beautiful!" So, I did that. And got this.

Ah, and here is a picture of the B. Eating. I just love this picture of him. He looks sweet and smart and funny and a little bit nerdy and sassy. (all of those a masculine way)

Well, that's all that I have for today's Insta-Friday post. Tune in next week, same bat place, same bat time!

Oh I forgetting something? OH YEAH!!! I forgot I need to announce the giveaway winner. Geez, how could I do that?!?!

The winner is:  Selah!
Email me at and I'll get your shipping info. :) Congrats!

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