Monday, July 18, 2011

how to: wear all neutrals

Hello everyone!

Well, I'm in Kansas this week on a work trip, but traveling will not keep me from blogging! (Actually, I'm writing this on Sunday night, but, oh well...)

I recently bought this super-cute new brown top and it has sort of rounded out my more recent obsession with neutrals. Now, let me say that while I am starting to dig neutral colors in fashion CURRENTLY, there will always be a place in my heart for color. Why, as I'm typing this blog right now I have on a hot pink t-shirt.

Anywho, I have this friend who pretty much wears neutrals all the time. And she totally rocks it. (okay, not ALL the time...85% of the time) To me, neutral colors together always conjured up images of zookeepers and african safaris. BUT, neutrals don't have to be boring and neutrals always don't have to be paired with other colors and here are a few outfit ideas to prove it!

A teddy-bear-brown wrap dress is accented with caramel brown and tortoise-shell accessories. I think the warm hue of the shoes, belt, bag and watch help to balance out the cooler hue of the dress.

Navy is, by far, my favorite neutral. It really goes with most everything. A good rule when wearing neutrals is to use different shades/hues of a color. For example if you wore navy EVERYTHING or tan EVERYTHING it wouldn't be good. A pale tan colored shell and shoes goes well with a darker tan cardigan sweater.

Ah, the gray t-shirt. A favorite of my neutral-loving friend, Amie. Gray is most definitely a neutral and can work with tan, brown, black OR navy. Here, I've paired it with different shades of brown and khaki/tan.

Hopefully, you're at least inspired to consider wearing your neutrals together without worrying about being mistakenly asked what time the Giraffes are fed. (zoo joke) They can look pretty AND posh just by themselves!


  1. Love these outfits! Actually, I would probably wear neutrals all the time if it wasn't for you (and D) encouraging me to wear more color. : )

  2. Great outfits! I wear a good amount of color (especially blue) but probably 75% of my wardrobe is neutrals and I love to mix them. I tend to figure if my outfit goes with my brown hair then it goes with my brown accessories:)

  3. I've just realized that I have always matched my accessories to my hair. In my early twenties I dyed my hair Hibiscus:
    and most of my accessories were burgundy.

    In my late twenties I dyed it very dark brown, almost black, and my accessories were black.

    Now, I don't dye my naturally brown hair and my accessories are brown.

    Does this explain my growing attraction to grey clothing and accessories?


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