Monday, July 25, 2011

green thumb

My parents have quite the green thumb, so I've spent all of my life surrounded by tons of plants, both indoors and outdoors. I loved growing up learning the names of plants and living in a house that is populated with many oxygen-producing plants. I've only recently (read: in the last 3 years) become interested in having some in my own house. I started out with 1 a few years ago because I wasn't sure if I'd inherited the green thumb from my parents or not. Thankfully, it stayed alive and I started adding more to the mix. Most of my indoor plants have come from my cuttings off of my parents' plants or from others as gifts. The only plants I've ever actually bought were some annuals (flowers) for my porch this summer.

My dad called me yesterday and told me that he had some plants for me and the B (who is looking to expand his current plant collection from the one that he has). My dad, who while we were there showed me his current cultivation: chocolate mint plant, proceeded to give me some rootings of a jade plant and a succulent and for the B he gave a some pretty li'l philodendron cuttings. After a quick trip to Lowes to get some pots and a bit of re-potting, we have some bonafied house plants.

My collection now includes 2 peace lilies, a croton, a sago palm, a jade plant, and that weird succulent thing. What about you? Are any of you green thumbs? If so, what are some of your favorite indoor plants?


  1. I wish wish wish I had a green thumb. I probably would if I remembered to water my guys regularly. As of now, the only things I haven't killed (read: let die of thirst) is a moss garden (in a jar) and an orchid. I only remember to water the orchid because it sits two feet from a sink.

  2. I have a black thumb. Thankfully, I do much better taking care of my kids :)


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