Friday, July 29, 2011


It's back, bam-a-lam-a-lam-a-lam-a-lam-a-lam, it's back!

I've got some random pics for you and I'm linking up with Jeannett again for this week's Insta-Friday post!! Whoop!

It's Bo-time, y'all!

Some purty little flowers I cut from my "container garden".

My loves. Hewitt actually looks loving he's being sweet. It's a facade though. He's a beast. On second thought, I think he "looks" sweet because he was actually scared of the thunderstorm. HA!

Such a pretty drive. Very forest-y and Twilight-y. :)

Creepiest and best CamWow photo I've EVER taken.

Patty (my car) has a face-front. What's a "face-front"? It's when the front part of a car looks like a face. No, I'm not crazy...that's how the whole movie Cars made inanimate objects actual living things. Don't see Patty's "face"? How about now??

Almost sort of like a whale's face or something like that.

Anywho, thanks for tuning in and make sure you tune in next week for another Insta-Friday post. Same bat time...same bat place!


  1. please fed ex that Delicious looking food to...

    looks so yummy!


  2. so fun.
    we don't have bojangles
    but i love the name.
    and with a pic like that i wish we did.

    your flowers are gorge.

    and the pic of hewitt is adorbs.

  3. Oh, I miss bojangles. Their fries and biscuits. Yum. Love Patty's face :)

  4. Is that my driveway? And where is Holden in your 'loves'? AW

  5. AW, that IS in your driveway!! Oh, you just tune in next week for the a pic of the H man. I have one that I took of him after I posted these on Friday. :)


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