Friday, July 15, 2011

favorite looks friday

Taking a break from the usual Insta-Friday for a post about some of my favorite outfit looks.

I find inspiration in these pictures and use them to help motivate me when I'm put my own outfits together. (click each one for a larger view)

1. J.Crew Maritime blazer with french blue shorts and tan belt. LOVE. Oh, and the side bun!
2. Seersucker maxi dress with pockets from Thread Design. Also available in other colors.
3. Navy quarter-sleeve dress from Lilly Pulitzer with cutie cutouts.

1. Blue and white striped dress from Kate Spade.
2. Aqua tank and Navy Whitney skirt from Lilly Pulitzer.
3. Blue boatneck top and white shorts from Lilly Pulitzer.

What do you use for outfit inspiration?


  1. What, no cardis? I'm shocked! :) I love the shoes in the Kate Spade picture.

  2. I know, I know. But it was a conscious effort to include outfits with no cardis. I mean, not everyone shares my obsession for them. :)

  3. That maxi dress makes that skinny model look seriously big. Why would anyone where something that makes them look bigger?

  4. I LOVE that navy dress. AND the blue in the boatneck shirt is soooo pretty. I browse around on Pinterest for my style inspiration.


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