Tuesday, July 5, 2011

top 5 tuesday: summer dress trends

Hello friends! I hope you had a wonderful holiday yesterday. The Fourth of July is the pinacle of summer for me and usually by then it seems that we've already had summer for a few months. (in reality this would be the case as it was in the 80s in April this year, but I digress...)

Wherever you are in the country it's usually warmish by this point, right? I mean, unless you live in Alaska. But then I guess it is sort of warm...but warm for y'all is like 60 degrees, right? Yeah, that's late February in the South. Anywho, wherever you are, hopefully it's warm enough to bare the legs and bring out the dresses and there are some major dress trends going on right now. Here are the Top 5 Summer Dress Trends!

1. BOLD. Color, print or style, this trend is all about standing out! Even pastels are put into a striking pattern to create something that will get attention!

2. CONTRAST. There is a lot of white in summer's dresses. Some dresses are just white and another color, which provides a striking contrast. Other dresses have contrasting colors (on the color wheel) and it just works. Think purple and yellow or even green and orange.

3. PATTERN. Solids are not so trendy this year. It's all about the prints! Stripes, batiks, polka dots, geometric and ikat prints are really hot right now.

4. TIE-DYE. Do y'all remember doing that in elementary school? Well, designers are tapping into the bohemian vibe and tie-dyeing dresses. It seems especially popular on maxi dresses this year.

5. NATURAL WAIST. Yay!!! I know y'all are excited about the return of the natural waist style of dresses. No more empire waisted, maternity looking dresses. Ladies, we have a waist and it's actually being emphasized in the cut and style of this summer's dresses.

So, there you go. Now, go forth and be trendy. Oh, and don't you LURVE that teal and white dress? It's from Alice + Olivia...and it's so ridiculously expensive. Well, a girl can dream, right?


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