Tuesday, July 19, 2011

OOTD: sergeant boysenberry

Hello lovely readers!

This week is quickly (although un-intentionally) turning into fashion week on A Little of This and That. In place of my normal Top 5 Tuesday post, I'm doing an outfit post. So, I'm swapping one re-curring post for another. Just for today. Enjoy! (click on picture for larger view)

This was the outfit I wore this past Sunday. I was really digging this top that I got on a whim last week from Dress Barn. (of all places!) It inspired yesterday's post on neutrals AND this outfit of the day post. That's a lot of inspiration from one top! Because it's a military-esque top that I paired with my (almost always) pop of purple-y color, I dub thee outfit, "Sergeant Boysenberry". 

Top: Dress Barn (not sure of the brand)
Jeans: Levi's (from the Walmarts)
Shoes: Mossimo Supply Co via Target
Tank: Rue 21

1) No I didn't match the tank and top when I bought them. I was drawn to those colors and it was only when I brought the tank home that I realized it matches those shoes. Perfectly.

2) I might be a bit obsessed with this color palette?? I also had an eerily similar palette in another outfit post. Weird, right?

3) A close 2nd for today's outfit name was something to do with Teddy Ruxpin. Do y'all remember him? I loved Teddy Ruxpin and this shirt made me think of him for some random reason. For those of you who do, here you go. :)

Um...the end.


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