Wednesday, July 27, 2011

for the gentlemen: a style icon

It was recently brought to my attention (cough...the B....cough) that I don't reach out to my male readers quite enough when I blog about fashion. Most of my fashion posts deal specifically with womens fashions without really talking about the males.

But I don't vork vis de males...becuz I used to bee one. (Anyone? It's from one of the best movies EVER.)

So, in an effort to reach out to both (or all three) of my male readers, I'll be posting about male fashion today and also promising to include more male fashion ideas in the future. After all, "the mens" like to look good too!!

Today's post is about one of my favorite male style icons. I lurve his character on my favorite television show and the clothing he wears on it. When I researched (read: Googled) the actor himself I found that his style is very similar to his characters' and that it is one that I really like on men.

The actor? The wonderfully hilarious Ed Helms.

Ah. I really love Ed's classy and pseudo-preppy style. He's not super trendy...he just goes with classic looks like stripes, sport coats, oxford shirts and layering. Another thing I love about his style is that he's not afraid of color. Most men nowadays are down with wearing pink, but I love it when a guy isn't afraid to wear coral, lime green, pastels or even salmon shades.

I would consider myself to be more of a classic/preppy style so I guess I gravitate towards what I know, however I have seen men become more into fashion lately than in the past. Male celebrities like Usher, Tom Cruise and Peter Facinelli show that you can be fashionable AND masculine.

Alright, men, there you go. :)


  1. I like all of the above pictures, but Andy Bernard is not who I think of when I think "fashionable men." Sometimes he just looks straight up goofy.

  2. I've always thought Helms was a very snazzy dresser. He's consistently the best-dressed male character on "The Office" ... although given that his competition is Stanley, Oscar, Jim and DWIGHT, that might not be too difficult!


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